Hero Creation

Hero Creation
Your Name
You’ll find a nice list of names at the end of this hack, courtesy of the Story Games Name Project. Pick one that seems cool, then pick the name of your father or mother. If your parent is one of the gods, your name die will be a d8 to begin with, and you begin the game with a fate of 8.
Under ‘lineage’ of your hero sheet, put your parents name and attach -sson if your hero is a man and -dottir if your hero is a woman.
Heroic Trait
The heroic traits function the same as in normal Agon, but have different names. If you come up with a more specific description of what your character is good at, feel free to pick a new name and use the same abilities.
– Beast Master: The Hunter
– Clever-Eyed: The Crafty
– Far-Reaching: The Reaver
– Far-Seeing: The Keen
– Fleet-Footed: The Swift
– Great-Spirited: The Proud
– Man-Killer: The Red Handed
– Monster-Slayer: Monsterbane
– Strong-Limbed: The Strong
– Wise-Eyed: The Wise

Your God
There is a list of Norse gods provided below. As mentioned before, this list is a little more extensive than the historical worship of the gods by the ancient Norse, but all are drawn from the Norse myths and had stories told about them.

The All-father, king of the gods
King of the gods and master of magical knowledge and secrets. He is the patron of warriors and mystic alike, but is fickle and occasionally treacherous.
Symbols: Ravens, Spear
Abilities: Insight, Lore, Spear
Goddess of Beauty and Plenty
The beautiful sister to Freyr, goddess of love and beautiful things.
Symbols: Necklace, Cats
Abilities: Cunning, Grace, Aim
God of Lightning
The mighty champion of the gods, he wields his hammer Mjollnir against the giants and is simple and direct.
Symbols: Thunder, Hammer
Abilities: Might, Wrestle, Spear
Queen of the gods
Odin’s wife and the goddess of foreknowledge and prophecy
Symbols: Distaff, –
Abilities: Insight, Heal, Aim
God of Light
The beloved son of Odin and Frigg, shining and handsome
Symbols: Springs,
Abilities: Grace, Athletics, Aim
God of Wisdom
Beautiful and wise, he keeps his wisdom to himself
Symbols: Horn, Rams
Abilities: Spirit, Hunt, Spear
Goddess of Death
The terrible goddess of the underworld, keeper of dark secrets
Symbols: Shroud, –
Abilities: Lore, Might, Sword
God of Poetry
The patron of skalds and other poets,
Symbols: Harp, Mead
Abilities: Spirit, Skald, Sword
God of Fertility
The creator of plenty, entreated to bless crops and families
Symbols: Wagon, Horses
Abilities: Athletics, Hunt, Aim
God of War
An ancient god honored by warriors seeking victory
Symbols: Sword, Fetters
Abilities: Might, Heal, Sword
God of Mischief
A terrible trickster, changer of shapes and fickle ally and enemy of the gods
Symbols: Fire, Snakes
Abilities: Cunning, Boast, Sword
God of Smiths
The once mortal master of smiths, he provides arms to the gods and heroes alike
Symbols: Hammer, Anvil
Abilities: Lore, Spirit, Shield

Your hero can carry one missile weapon:
* Bow
* Throwing Axe, Javelin, or other thrown weapon
Your hero can carry three melee weapons:
* Shield (max 1)
* Spear (max 1)
* Sword, axe, mace or other hand weapon (max 2)

Your hero may wear any or all of the following armor:
* Helmet (-1 to missile attack rolls)
* Mail (-1 to melee attack rolls)
* Greaves (-1 to position rolls)


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