Contests, Battle, Doom and Saga

Berserk: the ‘hubris’ ability is called “going berserk”, even when applied to non-physical contests.

Battle works exactly the same as usual, except for the following optional rules for ship to ship combat.

Ship to Ship Battle
The ship to ship battle rules are untested and entirely optional: you can resolve any maneuvering of ships as simple contests that grant advantages in the upcoming battle as usual. If you want the closing of the ships to actually be a part of the battle however, you can use these rules. They take away an element of competition within battle by not allowing as much jockeying for positioning, but they also make the positioning rolls more crucial.

First, determine the number of ships involved. Make a note which heroes and NPCs are on which ships (usually the heroes will all be on the same ship. If each is in command of his own ship, use the normal battle rules). Whichever character rolls the highest positioning roll aboard a ship gets to act for that ship, moving either it or one opposing ship one space.

Resolve combat between characters on ships as normal, just remember that everyone aboard a ship occupies the same range.
Naval Special Maneuvers
All of the normal special maneuvers can be used in ship to ship battle, as well as the following:

Whichever character rolled highest on the positioning roll for the ship can opt to replace his attack roll with a ramming roll. He picks a ship to ram, and rolls his Name + Spirit vs the Name + Spirit of the character who rolled highest on the position roll for that ship. Every victory you win gives a -2 penalty to the next roll by everyone aboard the ship. If you fail, your ability is impaired by one level.

Whenever two ships are within 2 range or less of each other, your character can attempt a boarding action. He rolls his Name + Might against the Name + Might of whoever rolled highest on the enemy’s ship for positioning. If you win at least 1 victory, the ships are entangled and all characters aboard both ships now position and fight as normal for the remainder of the battle. If you fail, your ability is impaired by one level. Attempting to board replaces your attack action for the exchange.

Non-Combat Battles
Non-combat battles work as described in the Agon rules, but poetry competitions, drinking competitions, and contests of boasting all make excellent battles in this setting.

Fate and Legend
In Ragonarok, Fate is ‘Doom’, and Legend is ‘Saga’. Otherwise they work exactly the same.


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