About and Posting Guidelines

Hello, I’m Jeff Russell, and this is my blog about gaming and game design. It will host my game development notes and random musings about what makes games fun, how to play better, and what sort of snacks to have on hand.

So far I am just an interested amateur with no games to my name, but I intend to change that, and this will be the location for discussing that change as it happens.

Reader discussion is highly welcome and encouraged, but let’s keep things polite and fun for everybody. I’m going to steal a notion from D. Vincent Baker at anyway and stress that I am the host and everyone reading along is my guests, so it will be my job to keep things civil, smooth out difficulties, and to welcome and respect my guests so long as they play nice with everybody else. In other words, this isn’t a random internet forum to engage in flame wars and trolling and what not, this is my online parlor, and I intend to host some good discussions here. Please participate accordingly.

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