Name Day

It’s decided!

I’m going to go ahead and go with Tyler’s suggestion of “The Book of Threes” until it dies or I find a better one. So feel free to throw down with any suggestions or to tell me that’s crap, but “The Book of Threes” is the new working title.
Beats the Annuvin out of “Celto-Germania”.


5 Responses to “Name Day”

  1. I get a kick out of the Romanization of Welsh, there.

  2. Also because Annwn is generally seen as a happy place; as Wikipedia has it, “essentially a world of delights and eternal youth where disease is absent and food is ever-abundant.”

    • Yeah, I actually typed “Annwfin” and then decided to go with the Lloyd Alexander Romanization.

      And yeah, I know, it’s a happy afterlife, and Arawn was actually a pretty decent dude, but I couldn’t resist the terrible joke

    • Also, thanks for the link, I think those are something that should be incorporated! Probably as an entry on the ‘Notable Locations’ part of clan creation.

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